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Lebron’s Off-Court Sneaker rotation during the Finals


We all see what Lebron James wears when he’s on the floor, but it’s also dope to get a look at what he’s rockin when he’s not on his way to winning another championship. The pic above shows us what he’s been rockin’ as of late. Oh and we can’t forget these custom 1 of 1 Balenciaga Arenas he just had made for him. Killing the game both in sports and fashion.


Chris Hansen Gives Us a Closer Look at the New Sonics Arena

sonics arena

Chris Hansen hopped online to offer us a more detailed look at the “Sonic Rings” feature of the proposed new arena and it looks super dope. Hansen also announced that the deadline to sign up for the Priority Ticket Waitlist is April 1st at 1pm. We suggest you get on that pronto if you haven’t already.

Read the entire message from Mr.Hansen himself right here: To All the Green & Gold Faithful

Chris Hansen buys land for new Arena in Seattle

Chris Hansen just took another big risk and ended up finally buying the land for a new arena so that we can have the Sonics back. He purchased a building south of Safeco field for $8 million giving him a total of $49 million worth of land. The risk in this is because Hansen and the city still have a lot of things to figure out with a new arena costing around $490 million to construct. Hopefully the city and Hansen can get together to figure something out because needless to say we really need a basketball team again. Click HERE for more info.

How much of the Brooklyn Nets does Jay-Z Actually Own?

When it was announced that Jay-Z had some ownership in the Brooklyn Nets, everybody jumped to conclusions and assumed that he had the most say out of a lot of people involved. Even though Jigga does still have a very huge impact on the team, what does he actually get to do? New York Times did some research and this is what they found out about HOV and the Nets. This man has got a lot of the operations on lock, owning most of the companies that take part in running the arena.

“He helped design the team logos and choose the team’s stark black-and-white color scheme, and personally appealed to National Basketball Association officials to drop their objections to it (the N.B.A., according to a person with knowledge of the discussion, thought that African-American athletes did not look good on TV in black, an assertion that a league spokesman adamantly denied). He counseled arena executives on what kind of music to play during games. (“Less Jersey,” he urged, pushing niche artists like Santigold over old favorites like Bon Jovi.)”

“Suite owners will have access to a Champagne bar serving Armand de Brignac, an expensive bubbly that Mr. Carter promotes and in which he holds a financial interest, according to a biography by a writer for Forbes. The arena will contain a 40/40 Club, an iteration of his sports-bar-style nightclub chain. There will be a Rocawear store, selling his clothing line, on the arena’s exterior. Even the advertising agency used by the Nets, Translation, is half-owned by Mr. Carter.”


Seattle Sonics Arena Petition Available NOW

We all want the Sonics back here in Seattle especially now that the Thunder have made it to the finals. Least that’s what it seems like in the streets, lots of Seattle basketball fans upset about what’s going down. So click the link below and sign this major petition to have the stadium built because apparently the city is making some false assumptions about the traffic in the area.


STAPLES Center Time Lapse (Video)

The STAPLES Center has to be one of the busiest arenas in the United States with two basketball teams and hockey teams always playing in there. So they decided to take a camera and film a time lapse on one of their busiest weekends. Here’s how it looks really sped up.

Seattle’s NBA Team: One Step Closer

Looks the Sonics plan is moving right along. Apparently today is the day that the plan for a new team will be revealed by investor Chris Hansen. For the entire article on what’s going to happen read the Seattle Times article here.


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