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Drake building Recording Studio for HS Students in Philly (Video)


Now whoever is saying that rappers don’t like to give back is dead wrong. Drake is always looking out for the kids and inspiring them to chase their dreams. This time we’ve got him in Philly building a recording studio for local high school students. Always good to see someone who’s made it give back to the community. As you can tell from their reaction, the students love it.

Lebron James donates $1 Million to help Renovate Old High School Gym

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Four

Well this is just about the coolest thing we’ve heard today about Lebron James other than killing it in the playoffs. He has agreed to donate $1 million to his old high school St. Vincent-St. Mary’s and will also be designing the gym. Once the project is done the gym will be called Lebron James Arena. Good to see a player of his caliber giving back to those in need.

Don’t Spill Gatorade on a Basketball Coach (Video)

There’s probably a reason why you never see basketball players spilling Gatorade on their coach after a win. Well these little girls must have been in the ultimate basketball championship because they did not care about that notion. So here’s what happens when you ignore all social norms and let the blacked out winner take over. Clearly not the best move.

Lil Boosie gets his GED in Prison


Lil Boosie may not be a free man yet, but he sure is getting some things done while in the big house. It was announced today that after taking courses in the penitentiary, he has finally earned his GED. You can see in the picture above that this was a very happy moment for the Boosie family (clearly not their real last name). Boosie is up for parole this Summer so we might see the free Boosie very soon.

Drake’s High School graduation Speech (Video)

Let’s be honest, graduating high school isn’t that great of an accomplishment. Sure it can be hard for some people, but when Drake does it, it’s the biggest deal in all media. So here’s another video of his graduation speech.

Drake graduates High School

Not many people may know this, but Drake has not only been busy with new music, he’s also been working on getting his high school diploma. According to a Tweet he just sent out not too long ago, he’s finally done it! Congrats to Drizzy on the accomplishment, being a child actor turned rapper there wasn’t that much time to get a high school education.

Teen Charged in Baltimore High School Shooting

The same kid that has a facebook page listing the Columbine shooters as his idols has been charged in the Baltimore High School Shooting. He is being charged as an adult for attempted first degree murder and first degree assault, without bail. One student is still at the hospital in critical condition. Click HERE for more info.

Snoop and Wiz Premiere Film in Los Angeles

For those that have no idea, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa made a movie recently called “High School” and yesterday was the premiere of it in Los Angeles. We’re guessing this was one smokey theatre.

High School Diploma Typo for 8,000 Students

8,000 Prince George’s County Public School high school students in Maryland received their diplomas recently and all of them had the typo above. Not the biggest story but it’s pretty ridiculous when you’re trying to promote higher education and the words on the actual diploma are spelled wrong.

Justin Bieber’s High School Graduation

Justin Bieber graduated recently but never had the opportunity to have a traditional graduation ceremony. So Ellen invited him onto her talk show and gave Bieber what he missed out on. Here it is…


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