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Pic of the Day: High School Students make Giant Gun in Idaho

Not only is it a giant gun, but it’s also a grill! Some firearms dealer in Idaho contracted 5 students out of a local high school metal shop class to make this for him. This would definitely scare off an uninvited guest.

Antoine Walker Forced to sell NBA Championship Ring for $21,500

Antoine Walker as you may already know had some troubles with gambling earlier in his NBA career. He followed the footsteps of Michael Jordan when it came to gambling, just didn’t have the same exact income which hurt him in the end. He still owes around $8 million to creditors after filing for bankruptcy and so he was forced to sell his 2006 NBA Championship ring which he got while playing for the Miami Heat. Walker is currently trying to gain his career back and playing in the D-League in Boise Idaho. For the full story click here.


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