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Jimmy Kimmel stops by a Brooklyn Barber Shop to talk about Mitt Romney (Video)

In Case You Missed it: 2012 Presidential Debate (Full Video)

President Obama says his team is like the Miami Heat

President Obama sure does have a funny bone when it comes to presidential campaign comparisons. He was recently interviewed by New York times about his campaign team and said they they are like the Miami Heat and Mitt Romney is Jeremy Lin. Oh what a jokester…

“We’re the Miami Heat,” the President said recently, according to a New York Times story that was published over the weekend, “and he’s Jeremy Lin.”

Obama Making Money Overseas

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Mitt Romney and him making some benjamins overseas. Well for some reason it’s of importance again because Barack Obama did the same thing. He reported making $1.6 million overseas and paid $59,372 in taxes to foreign governments in 2009, $820,000 and $22,035 in 2010, and $269,000 and $5,841 in 2011. For more information on this matter click HERE.

Mitt Romney + Random Baby = Terrible Pictures

For some reason people love to hand their babies to potential presidents and see how they react in the arms of the candidate. Mitt Romney was put to the baby test recently and the images above and below describe what happened. Maybe next time it’ll work out. I’m sure SNL is dying to do a skit on this story.

Mitt Romney Tries Singing

For some reason this video has been talked about on almost every site it seems like. It’s Mitt Romney singing at one of his campaign events. What do you think of Mitt’s singing?


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